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How Unbox is Transforming the Future?

July 07, 2021

Co-Working Spaces: Transforming The Future of Work


We live in arguably one of the most stressful periods in time. While our emotions have taken a rollercoaster ride in the past year, it is reported that exhaustion both mentally and physically is at its peak. But what if we could counter that? Hear us out. 


It doesn’t always have to be all work and no play. With changing times, work is becoming more adapted to life, versus the other way around or how it used to be just a few years ago. 

Work-life balance and mental health are trending topics that are gaining more and more awareness and for good reason.  


Challenges We Faced During The Pandemic


The malpractices of the past have led to burnouts, and have become counter-productive. While the past year and a half have been a trial for all professionals, it is offices, primarily, that saw a major shift in habits. 


With a crisis looming ahead, almost all of us were at some point “working from home”.  And though deep down every employee ever at some point contemplated that privilege, it was the fault in a full-time home setup that was found while we tested it out. From noise, to laziness, little socialization, along with cabin fever at some point, each one of us had common and uncommon reasons to feel the need to go work from somewhere, anywhere else but the house we call our home. 


How To Thrive Amidst The Chaos


With more people working from home during the pandemic, an increasing number of companies are adopting hybrid work models and flexible workspace solutions. We saw an upward trend in the world of co-working spaces, shared offices, hot desks and other types of future adapted setups, and it is now that the true benefit of the concept has come to life.


Out with the old, and in with the new said modern times, and with that came the co-working place ready to serve its true purpose: being an adaptable space that accommodates for the needs of businesses, but most importantly, people. People who are at the centre of the business world, people who make the economy run in a perfect circle. Within a safe, maintained, easy to navigate and easier to rent facility, our office is a hybrid version of the old-school and traditional ways of the past. 


However, not all co-working spaces are created equal. While most do have the basic necessities when it comes to a working professional, it is only a few that stand out, bringing forward the best co-working places that anyone looking to belong can find.


Why Choose Unbox?

We cannot speak for our peers, however, we can tell you what you can find at our premises fits in with the way of work of the future. We believe that the experience and quality matter the most. 


Beyond an award-winning interior uniquely designed by renowned architects, Unbox is more than a co-working space, transcending into a true business community where amazing minds come to meet, socialize as well as play. 


With hot desks, the biggest open space co-working place, meeting rooms and a stunning lecture room, conducting business has never been easier at Unbox. With a premium location in the heart of Dubai, within Bay Square in Business Bay Dubai, is a bustling community. It's not all work and no play here. Our open space includes a premium Pool table, where many showdowns and matches have taken place, along with pool tournaments and members of our community winning valuable prizes. 


Coworking Is The New Normal


Through the years we have been in operation, our co-working space has turned into a community of like-minded individuals, ranging from freelancers, established companies, SME’s, and many other lovers of being in a business environment like none other in the UAE. 


And it’s mainly the vibe that we have at Unbox which you seldom find anywhere else, where our management team is truly a partner in the tenant’s day to day life. We became a family during these hard times. Friendships and partnerships were born, taking Unbox from a co-working space to a hub of business-oriented people who also know how to unwind with the amenities available at our co-working spaces.

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