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Creating a Hybrid Workplace Model that Works

September 13, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic thrust companies out of their offices and drove them to shift to remote working overnight. IT teams across the globe installed network infrastructure to ensure seamless connectivity for all remote workers. After the initial uncertainty, employees settled into a rhythm, welcoming the novelty of Working from Home (WFH), bypassing the daily commute to work and those needless diversions that often take up a great deal of time.

Today, years after it began, an overabundance of Work from Home has made it no longer enticing. It is the difficulty of collaborating with colleagues, limited input into meetings, and stifled creativity that motivates employees to return to work. However, with hybrid working on the horizon, the idea of "one desk per employee" is no longer the only way to allocate office space.

What Is A Hybrid Workplace Model?

A hybrid workplace or the hybrid workplace model provides for an environment where employees may come into the office occasionally but complete the rest of their work from home at their convenience. To implement a smoother workflow during the pandemic, organizations are adopting this relatively new concept.

What Does A Hybrid Workplace Look Like?

Today, many companies no longer believe rigid physical and social structures are necessary for a productive work environment. The hybrid work environment is organised with the goal of accommodating the needs of individual employees while allowing them to collaborate and be productive.

Hybrid environments vary depending on the company, but they may include a handful of employees who are on-site permanently, or several teams who operate on staggered schedules, swapping in and out every few weeks. This means that a company that uses a hybrid working model may have a few office locations regularly attended by part of the workforce, while the remaining employees work remotely or from home. This is contrary to fully remote working, in which employees only work from their own homes.

The Hybrid Workplace: Is This The Future Of Work?

Flexibility and freedom are two laudable concepts that employees covet across the globe. They would like flexibility in when, where, and how long they come to work. With the hybrid arrangements at Unbox, employees are able to find the perfect balance between work and home life.

Based on role segregation, hybrid organizations comprise a blend of three groups:

  • Office Employees - They would be required to work primarily in offices due to the roles they play and the industries they work in.

  • Hybrid Employees – This is a group that does not have to work from an office as their work does not require it. Although they can work from anywhere, they prefer to meet in person intermittently to be more effective.

  • Remote Employees – As with the Hybrid group, they are comfortable working anywhere and prefer to not travel to work. Employers must have access to this group as they can tap into a greater pool of exceptional talent.

It only takes one question to determine whether the Hybrid Workplace will be successful: Can we offer a seamless and exciting experience to all employee groups? We, at Unbox, wanted to solve this pain point and have come up with a solution. The hybrid workplace is designed to support both in-office and remote workers. 

Transitioning Into The Future Of Work At Unbox

Companies are increasingly utilizing hybrid offices, which have changed the way offices are used. Employees will see different layouts, functions, and technologies as they adapt to the hybrid model. 

At Unbox, we strive to make this transition as smooth as possible. We have reconfigured our offices to include team-working spaces that encourage collaboration, and social areas designed to foster communication. Equipped with videoconferencing capabilities for seamless collaboration with remote employees, our office spaces revive the culture you have been missing while working remotely. 

Are you looking for a private workspace with a co-working environment? If you are, Unbox provides a welcoming co-working space to fit your needs. Coffee and ideas flow freely with this melting pot of entrepreneurs and collaborators. Discover how our co-working space in Dubai can enhance your business today!


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