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Why You Need To Set Up Your Own Virtual Office

January 12, 2022

Modern businesses can now thrive through the internet business culture almost entirely online in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore it comes as no surprise that more and more businesses are jumping at the chance to own “ virtual office space” rather than shelling out a fortune on physical office rentals. 


A Virtual Office: Not Just a Mailbox


For the most part, virtual offices are synonymous with flexibility in the office space world. By combining people, places, and technology, these spaces enable you to establish an address in any location worldwide, giving you the appearance of having an office in an upscale location without the need to physically be there. As well as assisting with administrative tasks like call handling, these can also streamline your workflow so you can prioritize other aspects of the business.


In that regard, if you are intrigued by the remote working trend and keen on joining the digital force, here are a few insights on how virtual offices at Unbox can benefit your already established or growing start-up or small business:


Benefits of Virtual Office


  • Ensure Instant Legitimacy: Having a virtual office space gives you the option to handpick a centrally located business address that appears presentable on paper and creates a professional first impression with clients and prospects. Business owners sometimes have to resort to settling for far-flung office spaces because they lack the capital to afford a centrally located office space. By setting up a virtual office, you can choose a location that fits your needs at a fraction of the cost of a physical office.


  • Dedicated, Full Time, On-Site Receptionist and Assistant: Having on-site support is one of the most valuable and legitimizing features of a virtual office. To that end, Unbox’s on-site receptionists respond to and forward your calls to the number of your choice, handle messages, maintain email correspondence to meet your needs, and schedule on-demand conference rooms. As a result, you will have the equivalent of several full-time employees but they won't be on your payroll.


  • Provide On-site Mail Handling: Unbox also receives and organizes all incoming correspondence and packages for your company on-site. You can opt to receive email notifications when new mail arrives whilst we scan and email your mail for quick access, which allows you to instantly respond to important mail items. 


  • Access to Conference Rooms: A major perk of virtual offices is the ability to access meeting rooms that vary in size and can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 50 people. Furthermore, we provide state-of-the-art technology in all of our rooms, including laptop connections to share presentations, and top-notch WiFi.

  • Unlimited Work Space for Employees: It's often difficult to hire multiple employees in a company with only a limited number of desks. However, virtual offices allow you to avoid the rental costs of office space and hire as many employees as you need since the space is unlimited for everyone working remotely. With Unbox, your business can grow remotely with a premium business address, dedicated phone number and a professional team to support you wherever you are at your own pace.


  • Bring in a Broader Pool of Talent and Employees: The majority of employers can only choose candidates who live in a commuting range from their office location. A virtual office gives you the freedom to choose the best candidates from a much wider area as you don't have to be near the office if everyone works from home. Although it may be convenient for these employees to attend meetings, they do not have to be physically present due to the possibility of videoconferencing.


  • Versatility: Employees will benefit from having fewer hours to commute and no set hours to be in the office, which will give them a better opportunity to pursue activities they are passionate about. Furthermore, each employee will be able to choose the technology they wish to use when conducting their work. This will increase productivity as well as lower the cost of buying supplies for a physical office since everyone will use their own device.


To Conclude


At Unbox, we recognize that some aspects of business require a physical location, and many of them are not well-suited to a residential location for that purpose. Eliminating the hassle or cost of relocating your business or renting an office space, our virtual offices provide you with everything you may need from a commercial facility. Get in touch with us to learn more about our virtual offices in Dubai!

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