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Flexible Workspace Solutions At Unbox

January 12, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic swept over tens of thousands of people whilst business owners moved from a teleconference to meal prep, downtime, and back again in the same homescape, all in the hopes of adapting to the “new norm.” Yet today, our subconscious belief that work must be done in a fixed office has worn out as flexible workspaces are becoming commonplace.


Flexible workspaces now extend beyond start-ups, professionals working remotely, and single entrepreneurs. Unbox’s flexible working reflects a shift in the collective corporate mindset regarding how the office space is fundamental to our productivity, how we are no longer limited by four walls and can always co-create. 


A Flexible Workspace: Creating The Soul Of A Home


Simply put, a flexible workspace is one without unassigned seats. In essence, it is a fully equipped office that provides businesses with a space to work in that does not require their own equipment or setup costs. These facilities also usually boast all the features of a regular office and are managed by an operator, allowing occupants to concentrate more on their work. 


Unbox offers great perks, amenities, and flexibility to accommodate all your business needs. You can choose a flexible workspace that eliminates significant costs including securing a lease on an individual office, buying equipment, and managing the space. This choice empowers businesses operating in a flexible workspace to devote full attention to the very core of their operations.


Office Adaptability And The “New Norm” 


Employers still may have to impose some restrictions on flexible work, even in the most flexible workplaces. In some cases, flexible workers may be required to work during hours that best suit their work styles or ensure that they work certain hours that overlap with their team members so that everyone is available for clients in a given time zone.


That said, here are a few ways in which companies benefit from enabling flexible work schedules:


  1. Increases Retention Rates: Flexible schedules are undeniably one of the most desired perks employees are looking for from their employer. A study shows that 80% of workers would choose a job that offered a flexible schedule over one that did not, whilst 35% stated that flexible work is more important to them than achieving a more prestigious title or position. This, of course, comes as no surprise. 


  1. Personalized Meeting & Conference Rooms: Flexible spaces aren’t just desks available on demand. Unbox’s meeting rooms are equipped with technology such as video conferencing and screen sharing. Private lounges and larger conference rooms are also frequently available for off-site or client meetings, enabling you to reserve space on-demand. Further, you are not required to pay for it when it is not in use. 


  1. Promotes Diversity: Limiting your candidate pool to a single location, or even a few, will result in a dwindling pool of candidates. Likewise, if you’re in a homogenous locale, your workforce is likely to become less diverse. Cast the widest and most diverse net you can, and you will likely find the best candidates out there. As well as helping diversity in your company, working remotely or in a coworking space contributes to the bottom line.


  1. Makes for a Cost-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Investment: Not only do flexible schedules save employees and employers resources, but they also conserve the environment, achieving sustainable development goals of the company. Those with flexible schedules may not have to commute to the office every day, and consequently, the carbon footprint of both the employer and the staff is reduced. 


Fostering Creativity Through Five Types Of Workspaces For Flexible Working


  1. Co-working Spaces: Essentially, coworking spaces are communal workspaces in which people from different companies work together. You can find the same amenities in Unbox’s coworking spaces as in traditional offices including Wi-Fi, printers, conference rooms and desks. There are  also complementary features such as social areas, beverages, and snacks.


  1. Hot Desks: The majority of coworking and flexible space providers offer a service known as hot desks or hot-desking in which desk space is shared and people work anywhere on a drop-in, first-served basis.  At Unbox, you are able to get a desk on your schedule and excel among a collection of passionate professionals mingling under one roof.


  1. Dedicated desks: Thoughtfully designed for you to work efficiently in your own space, Unbox offers dedicated desk space, which members can effectively lease as private desks. Dedicated desks are always available to you, whether it’s a virtual office or any other shared office space. 


  1. Private Flexible Offices: Whether you are a startup, a digital nomad, or a corporation, Unbox’s flexible and scalable workspace solutions cater to all your business needs. Companies can create dedicated working areas in these environments with private offices and meeting rooms while still being able to utilize all of the perks of a shared flexible workspace. Alternatively, if you enjoy working from home, we help you unravel your office space with our special Unbox-at-Home service!


  1. On-Demand Meeting & Conference Rooms: A space for every occasion, Unbox understands the need for meeting areas, brainstorming, training, workshops, and client presentations. Whilst the most common type of flexible space is a rental agreement with members reserving a room for a specific duration, we offer a better value to companies seeking ad-hoc meeting spaces.


Unbox For New, Flexible Business Models 


The automation of many mundane tasks is freeing people up for more creative pursuits. Unbox makes this a cinch with its dynamic culture, providing a place for innovators to thrive. But, while such in-person communication may decline in the long run, “Unbox thinking” calls for innovative ways of strengthening interactions between startups, industry leaders, innovators, and corporations. Get in touch with us, today! Our team is here to guide you through real growth.

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